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A Chilly Start for January

It's a Chilly Start for January January was cold for the Auburn area.  Now that we are a few days into February, the weather is just about normal.  It's winter coat cold one day, and the next it's short sleeved shirts and shorts day. 
It doesn't surprise me that our market is a few sales behind the previous years for January considering that when it's freezing weather with a threat of snow, business slows to a snail's pace.  No worries though, the market will catch up.

It is not hard to see the growth.  A ride around town will be enough to show anyone the enormous changes in the area.

Let's take a look at the closed sales numbers for January.  Also, we will look at the inventory numbers.  You will be able to see a surge of new listings as the 2019 selling season begins.

Auburn Resale Homes Data
Number of Closed Sales
Sales, Number ofMonth201420152016201720182019Jan102434393129Feb1627342651